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Reagent for PCR
Real-time PCR kits - provides a total solution to real-time quantitative PCR (QPCR), which incorporates the latest high-performance technology to provide the most reliable Gene Expression Detection/qPCR Reagent Kit. The SIBO™ SYBR Green PCR master kit developed by Occam Biolabs is a ready-to-use, 2x concentrated master mix containing all of the components (except primers and templates) required for running quantitative, real-time DNA detection assays. The master is also universally suited for other routinely prepared DNA templates. In addition, unlike other qPCR mixes, SIBO™ SYBR Green qPCR Master allows amplified longer sequences (up to 600 bases) without loss of amplification efficiency.
PCR components - provides a line of PCR Components, including high purity dNTPs needed for sophisticated PCR reactions and high quality, ultra-pure recombinant Taq DNA polymerases.
Reverse Transcription kit for PCR
Genomic/mitochondrial DNA preparation kit - The STP™ (Sample-To-PCR™) Genomic/mitochondrial DNA preparation kit provided by Occam Biolabs incorporates the latest high-performance technology to provide the most reliable Genomic/mitochondrial DNA preparation. This proprietary formulation provides a simple, rapid, convenient and quantitative measure for preparation of DNA templates ready for PCR and real-time PCR.
Mammalian cell RNA preparation kit
qPCR primers for Housekeeping Genes - provides a list of validated primer pairs for commonly used housekeeping genes (human, mouse and rat), which are the typical choice due to their mostly consistent expression levels in all cell types and are significantly involved in basic functions needed for the sustenance of the cell research.
Pre-validated qPCR Primers for Mammalian genes
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Real-time PCR Kits
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