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Patent Pending   VIAL-ETTE 4U ™ Micro-tube Storage Rack
    A Unique Package for All Your Reagent Storage Need
  • Storage for 0.5-2 ml micro-tubes
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Stable and secure loading
  • Space saving

The Vial-ette 4U ™ micro-tube storage rack from Occam Biolabs is designed to house 0.5-2 ml micro-tubes to store and to transport reagents. It offers some unique advantages over traditional packages, such as easy one-handed operation, stable and secure loading, space saving, and high capacity storage rack for ice bath. With help of the top flips placed in different positions, one can use Vial-ette 4U to perform a variety of functions. When the top flips are closed, the rack is ready to be stacked for space-saving storage or transportation. When the top flips are open and locked into a middle position, the rack can be conveniently suspended and stored in an ice bath. When the top flips are further folding down and locked into a low supporting position, the flips provide additional stability to the stand of the rack for any portable table top usage. The Vial-ette 4U is molded from enhanced polystyrene clear plastic and is highly durable with excellent resistance to corrosion and temperature. It can withstand temperatures as low as -80°C. The micro-tube storage rack is also available in a slightly more opaque ABS plastic for even added strength and durability.



Ordering Information
Vialette 4U Storage Rack micro-tube storage rack (Order Qty 1-9) 90510001
  micro-tube storage rack (Order Qty 10-19) 90510001
  micro-tube storage rack (Order Qty >20) 90510001
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